restaurant linen service

All your linen needs from napkins to aprons to floor mats. Delivered at the best price by your local linen partner.

how we're different


We weave our own napkins and towels with soft absorbent cotton. They're a massive upgrade over rancid polyester.


We only charge you for what we drop off, not your peak usage. You'll see one transparent fee with no mysterious add-ons.


We have no contracts, and not a single customer has left us. Our customer service will blow your socks off.

A new way to linen

ALT Linen was started by foodies and designed by chefs to revolutionize your experience! Unlike other linen companies, we design and produce our own 100% cotton linens because polyester sucks.

We’re also changing the game when it comes to pricing! The other guys setup a par value based on your maximum capacity and charge you for that amount every week no matter how many covers you had! ALT only charges you for the number of linens you used that week so your linen bill moves in line with your business!

We’re here to serve you! We’re part of the hospitality industry and know service defines your experience. As a local business ourselves, we love every restaurant we have the privilege of serving and put our heart into every item we deliver. Whether it’s a napkin, a floor mat, or anything else you need, we know it’s in your restaurant and needs to meet your expectations of quality and cost! If you give us the opportunity to serve you, we’re committed to making you proud of us!

Serving DFW

If you're tired of your stuffy linen, talk to us for samples and a free price quote!